My most valued possession is my family. Even if you are living in a box
somewhere, and you have the love and support of your family, you will always be
wealthy. Love really is all you need. From love, great things will emerge. From
your thoughts, you can create greatness.This is what I need to remind
myself of everyday to be the best person that I can be. Live your life with
gratitude. Be thankful for all that you have everyday, even if it is your eyes
to see or your ears to hear or your feet to walk or your hands to create.
Understand your place in this Universe; how infinitesimally small you are, but
how huge a contribution your Spirit is. Don't wear blinders to the world around
you, you're not the only one here. Be kind, considerate, don't be judgmental,
love others, and yourself. Know that you are perfect inside; that you are

Monday, November 19, 2012

A breathtaking sunrise, and a trip to Cade's Cove

Well, since the weather cleared, the mountains were in full view. We woke up early so that we could see the sunrise, and get started on our adventure for the day to Cade's Cove.

Here, the sun makes it's entrance...

               I couldn't believe I was actually witnessing such a beautiful occurrence. It was one of the many highlights of our day.

Ok, so, we did go to the Pancake Pantry. I ordered the Black Walnut Orange pancakes. These were buttermilk pancakes covered in my walnuts, and served with a little pot of orange syrup. No butter needed, so I left that on the side of the plate. They had powdered sugar and obviously made with love, because they were delish! Pancakes aren't complete without bacon, for me, anyway ;) And, of course, a cup of hot creamed tea. These were the best thing ever! And, no, there was NO way I could finish. Noah had the Spice pancakes. They tasted like Christmas morning, he said.

 On our way to Cade's cove, some people were pulled over taking pictures, and when I saw of what, I got one, too. I really am not sure what this bird is, but I'm thankful I could zoom in and capture it on camera.

    Then, this little guy scampered across the road...

Cade's Cove is one big loop of a road, one way. There are several places to stop and explore, views to take in, and churches to visit. Here are just a few to give you a taste of the little village that used to be inhabited.

Cade's Cove Primitive Baptist church. I took some photos of some of the tombstones here. They were well protected and roped off, as they were so old. Most were pre-civil war.

                                I thought this was most interesting...

                 One of many Daddy Long Legs visiting to cemetery, as well.

            As we moved on down the road, several people were stopped again to get pics of this majestic fellow. He was completely unperturbed.

The second church we visited.

I thought this was a great photo op, not crowded at all. I got quite a few pictures inside this church. I loved the colors and light spillage.

  A view from a parking area to the entrance of a hike to more houses.

This is the beginning of the hike to those houses.

While in the Smoky Mountains, I fell in love with moss. I have quite the collection of mossy logs, rocks, and bridges. I found it to be so magical and beautiful.

Here is a little bridge you had to cross a little stream to continue on to the house.

An old chicken coop
I love how all the primitive houses and buildings have large stones to level them out. The mountains provide for very un-level ground. You had to improvise way back then to build here.
 On another drive and short walk, we came upon this little village. It has a working Grist mill and several out buildings and very old farm equipment. I got some great ones of that for Smugmug.

The working grist mill. There was a man inside, you could actually purchase wheat and corn flour from him. He had it set up inside with examples of the types of grain and what the result of the milling was.

On our drive out of Cade's Cove, we happened upon one of the 'pull-overs'. There are designated parking areas so that you can get out and explore. This is one of the cascades in that area. There are so many of these around, you don't even have to hike.

                            Noah pointed out this little guy basking in the sun on the rock I was perched on while taking pictures.

    On our way out of the area, look what we found right on the side of the road. A posse of turkeys.

     They did not care about us at all...they must not know Thanksgiving is coming...(or maybe everyone around here eats Tofurkey?)

And, finally, back "home" again. Just look at that sun setting on the mountain. As beautiful an ending as it was a beginning.

Thanks so much for reading today. I hope you'll come back for more, because there is so much more to share!

Have a wonderful day!



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