My most valued possession is my family. Even if you are living in a box
somewhere, and you have the love and support of your family, you will always be
wealthy. Love really is all you need. From love, great things will emerge. From
your thoughts, you can create greatness.This is what I need to remind
myself of everyday to be the best person that I can be. Live your life with
gratitude. Be thankful for all that you have everyday, even if it is your eyes
to see or your ears to hear or your feet to walk or your hands to create.
Understand your place in this Universe; how infinitesimally small you are, but
how huge a contribution your Spirit is. Don't wear blinders to the world around
you, you're not the only one here. Be kind, considerate, don't be judgmental,
love others, and yourself. Know that you are perfect inside; that you are

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A new tree skirt

I found this great tree skirt on, you guessed it, Pinterest, and I just had to do it! Little did I know it would be the biggest undertaking of the YEAR!
First off, you can see the original post from the pin here. It's a way cute blog, and her post encouraged me to try one myself. However, I must have had a bigger skirt than her, or I was way more greedy with my material, well...just keep reading...

I used an old silver tree skirt we have had packed in with the decorations for years. I purchased my burlap. Now, I have a ton of burlap. I always have. I've been using burlap in my projects for about four years already. Little did I realize the burlap craze would deplete the stores of said burlap. Silly me...

Anyway, I had to travel about an hour away to a Hancock Fabrics to get the "good" burlap. If you have ever worked with it, you know that burlap will "shed" and fray like crazy. What I bought was not on purpose, it's just what was out there. I had a 50% off coupon, which was good, because this was a more expensive kind. It did not shed, it did not fray..much.
I already had tons of muslin fabric. I followed Ashley's instructions, but I may not have done her justice. I started with the row of Muslin, then Burlap. It was really easy to glue, bur I did suffer some burned fingers once in a while...

I got my first four rows done and this is where the trouble began, I guess. I wasn't very liberal with my material. I ran out almost completely. Now, since burlap all comes in different colors, I didn't have any that matched...of course. What I did have was some red burlap. I had to improvise. I wish I had been able to foresee the way this was going, I would have been able to plan my color scheme better. Oh well, this is what I worked out.

After the first four rows, I made another row of muslin, so I did two rows of red and muslin to "match" the first four rows. Then I used a thinner muslin and made a larger ruffle close to the middle, and used what I had left over of the original brown burlap to finish it off. Not too shabby, right?
I just feel it would have looked a little better with the colors interspersed a little, though, no?

Our tree stand is very big. It has a large well for water, and it is an adjustable stand. There's a foot pedal that you can step on while the tree is up and even decorated, to adjust the tree if it is leaning. So, it's BIG. That's why the skirt I used was so much bigger.

Pretty cute, though, right? My sister came in and saw it and immediately said "Oooh, I want one!"
My response?

"NO WAY!" I told her I'd rather give her mine that to ever do this project again. Maybe it's because I did it in the floor. And it took me finish. I'm not kidding. Three days and about 5-6 hours each sitting. (If ever there was a time I wanted spiked Eggnog, this was it. For real.)
5 hours today alone to finish it. I think I got too particular on the ruffles, and that's what took so long. Had I been a little looser my fabric would have lasted longer, too, I think.

Oh well, you live and you learn. I hate to say I'll never do it again, because now I feel a challenge to myself to get it 'right'. Maybe my sister has one in her future, after all...

If you decide to do one, I'd love to see it. I know it's a little late in the season this year, but it's never too early to get a jump on next year!
What other projects are you working on for Christmas?

Have fun, and thanks for reading today!


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